Anti-Aging Facial


Kick your anti-aging results up a notch by harnessing the brightening and smoothing effects of Hydra Facial! Your skin will Glow. Using only high quality Ingredients that known to work with your skin and get deeper benefits you and your skin for the long term. These ingredients are incredibly effective !

Includes consultation, skin analysis, double cleansing, steaming, Hydration exfoliating, serum infusions, hydrating mask, massage, steam towels, Hydra serum, sunscreen.

Best For: Anti-aging, Fine Lines & Wrinkles, Hyperpigmentation, Dull/ Dry Skin.

By booking this treatment for yourself or someone else, all parties agree to the Sharone Skin Specialist Cancellation Policy.

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“Today was my first visit to Tal’s studio and he did not disappoint.  I first had an hour-long Swedish massage, followed by an anti-aging facial. Here are my comments about both experiences:

For the massage, Tal offers very firm pressure (I normally have to ask for “more” – not today…).  He also uses techniques and tools that I haven’t experienced before in a massage. It was NOT your ‘run-of-the-mill’ massage (thankfully), he is extremely professional and it did NOT feel rushed. I felt like he was totally focused on my well-being the entire visit.

As for the facial, Tal assured me that all of his products are natural. Since I have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome, my fragrance tolerance is at a VERY low bar. What a pleasant surprise to actually be able to enjoy the three different (light) natural fragrances during the facial with ZERO negative reaction!  That is so rare for me and speaks to the fact that he knows his products (they are top-of-the-line and I believe most are imported).

Although I live in Palm Springs, I would absolutely drive two-plus hours just to know that I’m going to be guaranteed a quality experience. I found his pricing to be very reasonable and I already see other services on the list that I’d like to try next time. I highly recommend that you make a reservation and see for yourself!”

– Jeff B.


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